Janatha Poly Clinic

E, City Post, Hosa Road, Naganathapura, Bangalore - 560100 (Opposit Of Sova Appartment) District Bengaluru Urban, district Chikka Thogu

General clinics represent healthcare institutions that are organized to provide medication to the people. Janatha Poly Clinic (rated 4.4 on NearByAll.com) is properly equipped to grant care in the area of orthopedics, urology, pediatry and neurology, to determine the sicknesses and to cure most conditions.

A kid's growing body operates differently from that of a grownup. Working with little ones demands Janatha Poly Clinic to have certain knowledge of not only their organisms but of their mental quirks to more effectively communicate with them and let them feel secure.

By calling 919380363613 you can find out more.

You may find this establishment by the following address: E, City Post, Hosa Road, Naganathapura — 560100.