Software Development with AIMS

History of AIMS started with an initiative in developing a large project for the Brazilian Government during which the proposal of a large program was to build exclusive Graphical interface to a weather forecasting module. This would take a large amount of time and resources if developed conventional. An engineered way to develop a tiny module which can then process large data at the background to really render an active feed by the super computer to a Onyx 2 Note super Computer. The portability of the application was successful in such a procedure to be able to understand the efficiency of a full-fledged program to a one hundredth sized program by dividing logic away from code. The use of fuzzy logic seemed appropriate to the time slicing method which enables large executions.

AIMS - uses the simple concept of Time Slicing to do jobs which could not have been done using the conventional software development. The active work can be dropped for taking too long time should be timed between 50 millisecond to 500 millisecond, depending on the job priority so that there is no loss of instruction. This was one of the major tasks while developing AIMS which took a very long time of testing. In a span of 100 thousand instructions set we found missing a few over 1 to 2 loss. This gave us the current time state which has been most efficient. This has been critical and has not been changed since the last 5 years.